Topographical Assessments

Topographical Assessment

Excel Passenger Services Ltd is one of the leading topographical driving skills assessment centres in South East London.

We are an accredited by the Public Carriage Office to carry out topographical training and assessment from our premises. From the 1st April 2006, All private hire drivers wishing to work within the Greater London area must apply to the Public Carriage Office for a license and must complete a topographical skills assessment.

What is involved?

The topographical assessment will consist of 5 units, which are:

  • Map reading ability
  • Route selection (local) – the ability to identify and plan a route within a local area of London. The applicant chooses the route
  • Route selection (intermediate) – the ability to identify and plan routes beyond your local area but within London
  • Route selection (long distance) – the ability to identify and plan routes to somewhere outside London
  • General topography – awareness of general geography of London. This includes major roads and locations beyond the Capital – for example, airports and other cities

It is strongly recommended that you buy a London street map and an atlas of south-east England.
Topographical training is available on request for the individuals who require the knowledge to pass the assessment.

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