Delivering A Service That Matters

As a passenger attendant I have carried out thousands of journeys on behalf of Excel Passenger Services. My job has allowed me to develop a genuine interest in special needs especially where transport is concerned. I have worked as an attendant for a number of London borogus and am currently situated at Wearside Road Depot in Lewisham.

I thoroughly enjoy my job and am always learning as much as I can about the nature of the disabilities of my clients. Excel has done a lot to help me to achieve this; the regular and comprehensive training workshops allow me to adapt for ever changing client needs and environments. I also know I can rely on my managers to guide me towards doing the best job I can.

It’s easy to think that what we do (or don’t do!) has no effect. But in our line of work, it is the little things that we do to make the journey better that makes the difference.

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